A statement on the recent misappropriation of commercial activities in the name of our company

Some of our customers recently reported that someone is illegally using the name of our company (Organic Herb Inc.) to commit fraud, which seriously damaged our company's reputation and legal rights. Our company has reported the case and will hand over relevant information to the police.

We hereby inform that we will pursue the legal responsibilities according to law for all individuals, organizations, and companies those who illegal use name of the company for business activities.

For all the business negotiation and cooperation related to “Organic Herb Inc, please look for the following official information:

Full name:Organic Herb Inc.


Email addressinfo@organic-herb.com; sales@organic-herb.com        

Tel.0731-82739228; 0731-82739229

If you have any questions, please contact our telephone 0731-82739228 for information verification.

Bilberry Extract 25%

Polygonum Cuspidatum Extract
98% 99% Resveratrol

Tongkat Ali Extract 2%

Honey Goat Weed Extract
50% Icarrin

Grape Vine Extract

Mango Extract Mangifin
98% Purity

Maca Extract


Functional components

US$20.00 - US$100.00/킬로그램
1 킬로그램(Min. Order)